Primary members

Vincent Rousseau

Vincent Rousseau is currently Professor at the School of Industrial Relations of the Université de Montréal. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His research activi-ties primarily focus on work team leadership, functioning, and effectiveness. Professor Rous-seau has conducted several studies on work teams in various activity sectors. He is also an ex-pert in advanced quantitative analysis (e.g., multi-level and longitudinal analysis).

Éric Brunelle

Eric Brunelle is an Associate Professor at HEC Montréal. He currently holds a Professorship in sports management. His research focuses on leadership dynamics, leader personalities, the impact of distance in management practices, and project management team functioning.

François Courcy

François Courcy is Professor in the Psychology Department of Université de Sherbrooke. He holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Université de Montréal. His research activities focus on antisocial behaviour in the workplace, organizational health, and innovation at work. Mr. Courcy has led numerous studies and interventions within organizations in various sectors, such as healthcare.

Claude Francoeur

Claude Francoeur is a Professor and the Director of the Department of Accounting Studies at HEC Montréal. His main fields of interest are governance, corporate responsibility, and business ethics. Mr. Francoeur also works on the effects of gender diversity on the functioning and effectiveness of boards of directors

Pierre-Majorique Léger

Pierre-Majorique Léger is a Professor at HEC Montréal and the holder of the NSERC-Prompt Industrial Research Chair in User Experience. He holds a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal and a postdoctorate in IT from HEC Montréal and NYU Stern School of Business. His research is aimed at improving user experience (UX) while users are learning or using IT. To this end, he uses massive amounts of bio-physiological data generated during interactions, which he then uses to qualify emotional and cognitive responses in users.

Chantale Mailhot

Chantale Mailhot is Professor at HEC Montréal. She holds a Ph.D. in Administration, Management option. She is interested in management practices in various contexts, such as social innovation. Her current research projects focus on leadership and coordination practices in social organizations, as well as on social transformation practices. Professor Mailhot has conducted several studies with research-intervention project teams in various social fields.

Samuel Sponem

Samuel Sponem is a Professor at HEC Montréal and holds the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control. His teaching and research interests primarily concern how accounting and management control systems are used and disseminated in organizations and the impact such systems have, in addition to the roles of accountants in organizations.

Sébastien Tremblay

Sébastien Tremblay is a Professor at Université Laval, an Honorary Professor at Cardiff University in the UK, a founding member of the Co-DOT lab (<a href=””></a> ) and the Director of the  Unité Mixte de Recherche en sciences urbaines (<a href=””></a>). His research program focuses on human interaction with technology, specifically aiming to maximize performance and human well-being in a broad range of fields, such as urban security, transportation, and entertainment.

Doctoral Students

Camille Francoeur Marquis
Thesis topic: Counterproductive behaviours in teams and the role of the organizational context

Dominic Marques Lauzon
Thesis topic: Psychological capital in work teams

Guillaume Daigneault
Thesis topic: Counterproductive behaviours in management teams